Parcours ab 24. Juni gesperrt!

Der Parcours und der Einschießplatz werden komplett abgebaut und stehen erst ab 3. Juli 2023 wieder für Gastschützen zur Verfügung.

Wer den jetzigen Parcours schießen möchte, hat bis einschließlich 23. Juni 23 Zeit. Dann bauen wir wegen unserem Turnier komplett um.

Absolutes Rauchverbot auf unserem Parcours!

Thüringer Waldgesetz §12:

(3) Rauchen im Wald (auch auf Waldwegen) ist (ganzjährig) verboten.


Was aber absolut gar nicht geht ist, im Wald zu rauchen und seine Kippen liegen zu lassen.

Solches Verhalten wird von uns Bogenschützen zur Anzeige gebracht.

Außerdem behalten wir uns vor, Waldverschmutzern ein Parcoursverbot zu erteilen.

Generelles Rauchverbot auf dem Parcours

Dog Kicks When Scratched

There is a reason your dog kicks when you scratch her: she enjoys it. A study from the University of Portsmouth in the UK found that dogs kick their hind legs when scratched because they enjoy it.

The study, which was published in the journal Animal Cognition, found that when dogs were scratched on their hind legs, they would kick their legs more often than when they were not scratched. This suggests that dogs enjoy being scratched.

The study also found that the dogs kicked more when they were scratched in a certain spot – the region around their tail. This suggests that dogs have a specific spot that they enjoy being scratched the most.

So why do dogs kick when they’re scratched? The study’s authors say that it’s likely because scratching releases endorphins, which are hormones that make dogs feel good.

So if your dog kicks when you scratch her, don’t stop – she’s just enjoying herself!

Dog Behavior Mysteries: Why Do Dogs Kick When Scratched?

There’s something about a good scratch that just feels good, both for people and for dogs. So it’s not surprising that many dogs kick when they’re being scratched. But what is surprising is that we still don’t know exactly why dogs do this.

There are a few different theories out there about why dogs kick when they’re being scratched. One theory is that it’s a reflex reaction to the sensation of being scratched. Another theory is that the dog is kicking to get the person scratching them to stop. And yet another theory is that the dog is kicking because they’re enjoying the scratch.

There’s no definitive answer to this question, but research is ongoing and we may eventually figure out why dogs kick when they’re being scratched. In the meantime, if you’re scratching your dog and they kick, just go with it! It’s probably just a sign that they’re enjoying it.

Reflexes and Nerves: The Science Behind a Dog’s Kicking Response

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When a dog’s skin is scratched, they may sometimes kick out their hind legs. This reflex is known as the scratch reflex and it’s caused by nerves in the skin that are activated when something rubs against them.

The scratch reflex is controlled by the spinal cord. When the nerves in the skin are stimulated, they send a message to the spinal cord that causes the muscles in the legs to contract. This causes the dog to kick out their hind legs.

The scratch reflex is a reflexive response that is involuntarily controlled by the nerves. It is not something that the dog is consciously doing.

The scratch reflex is a normal reflex that all dogs have. It helps them to defend themselves from predators or other animals that may be trying to harm them.

The scratch reflex can also be a sign that the dog is healthy and has a good nerve supply. Dogs that don’t have a good nerve supply may not have a strong scratch reflex.

Sensory Sensations: How Dogs Experience Scratching

Dogs have a strong sense of touch, and they react strongly to scratching. When scratched, dogs may kick, wag their tails, or even bark.

Dogs have a high density of nerve endings in their skin, which makes them especially sensitive to touch. They can feel pain, pleasure, and other sensations very strongly. This is why scratching can be so pleasurable for dogs – it feels really good!

Dogs may react to scratching in different ways depending on how they’re feeling at the time. If they’re happy and relaxed, they may just wag their tail or kick their legs a little. But if they’re feeling anxious or threatened, they may bark or even try to bite.

So next time you scratch your dog, pay attention to how he reacts. You may be surprised at just how strongly he feels those scratches!

The Evolutionary Perspective: What Does Kicking Mean for Dogs?

Dogs are known for their playful nature, and one behavior that is often seen in dogs during play is kicking. Kicking can be seen in a number of different contexts, from play fighting to simply scratching an itch. So what does kicking mean for dogs?

From an evolutionary perspective, kicking serves a purpose for dogs. One study found that when dogs kick during play fighting, they are more likely to win the confrontation. Kicking allows dogs to maintain their distance from their opponent and to keep them at bay. Additionally, kicking can help dogs to control the direction of the play fight.

For domesticated dogs, kicking also has a social function. It can help to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. When dogs kick while being scratched, it can be seen as a sign of trust and submission. It can also be a sign of pleasure, as dogs often kick when they are being petted or scratched in a particularly enjoyable spot.

So what does all of this mean for dog owners? For one, it’s important to understand the function of kicking in order to better understand your dog’s behavior. If your dog is kicking while being scratched, it’s likely that he is enjoying the attention and interaction. It’s also important to be aware of the context in which your dog is kicking, as it can provide clues about what he is trying to communicate.

When to Be Cautious: Understanding a Dog’s Comfort Level

If you’ve ever been scratched by a dog, you know how it feels. And if you’re like most people, you probably don’t enjoy it. Dogs may scratch us because they’re trying to tell us something, or they may just do it out of instinct.

Dogs scratch for a variety of reasons, including to show dominance, when they’re playing, when they’re anxious or upset, or when they’re in pain. If a dog is scratching a lot, it’s important to determine the underlying cause and address it.

If a dog is scratching itself a lot, it may be a sign that it’s uncomfortable. Dogs may kick or scratch when they’re being petted if they’re not used to it or if they’re not comfortable with physical contact.

Dogs may also kick or scratch when they’re not feeling well. If a dog is consistently kicking or scratching, it may be a sign that it’s not feeling well and needs to see a veterinarian.

If you’re not sure why your dog is kicking or scratching, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or dog trainer to determine the cause and find a solution. If your dog is kicking or scratching because it’s uncomfortable, you may need to adjust how you pet it or seek out professional help to make it more comfortable around people.

Enjoying Bonding Moments: Tips for Safely Scratching Your Dog

When your dog is scratching you, it’s a sign of affection. Dogs kick when scratched because it feels good. It’s a way for them to show you that they’re happy and enjoying your company.

However, while it’s perfectly safe to scratch your dog, you should take a few precautions to make sure that both you and your pet remain safe. Here are a few tips:

1. Only scratch your dog in a safe, comfortable place. Avoid scratching them in areas that are sensitive or that could be injured.

2. Don’t use your nails when scratching your dog. Your nails could scratch or injure your pet. Use your fingers or a soft object like a brush or a glove instead.

3. Be careful not to scratch your dog too hard. Scratching them too hard could cause them pain or discomfort.

4. Make sure your dog is comfortable with being scratched. Some dogs may not enjoy being scratched, so always be sure to ask your pet if they’re okay with it.

By following these tips, you can safely enjoy bonding moments with your dog and help keep them healthy and happy.

Seeking Professional Guidance: When Excessive Kicking May Indicate a Problem

When a dog excessively kicks his back legs, it can be a sign that he is in pain. If this is the case, it is important to seek professional guidance to determine the cause of the pain and to provide appropriate treatment.

There are a variety of potential causes of leg kicking in dogs, including spinal cord problems, arthritis, and disk disease. In some cases, the cause of the pain may be difficult to determine, and a comprehensive medical evaluation may be necessary.

If your dog is kicking his legs excessively, it is important to rule out any medical problems that may be causing the pain. If a medical condition is causing the pain, treating the condition can help to reduce or eliminate the leg kicking. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to manage the pain with medication.

If your dog is kicking his legs excessively and there is no underlying medical condition causing the pain, there may be other contributing factors that need to be addressed. Environmental factors, such as inappropriate flooring or a lack of exercise, can contribute to leg kicking. Providing your dog with an appropriate environment and plenty of exercise can help to reduce or eliminate the leg kicking.

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Parcours gesperrt!

Unser Parcours bleibt vom 3.7. bis 13.7.2021 wegen Umbau und dem Cyriacusturnier gesperrt. Die Kartenverkaufsstellen sind informiert.

Der Parcours und der Einschießplatz werden komplett abgebaut und stehen erst ab 13. Juli 2021 wieder für Gastschützen zur Verfügung.

Aktuelles zur Cyriakusjagd 2021

Wir gehen immer noch davon aus, dass das Turnier statt finden kann.

Es fehlen noch ein paar Startgelder!

Überweist das bitte, so das es bis einschließlich des 30.4.2021 auf unserem Konto verbucht wurde. Danach rutschen Leute nach und Euer Anspruch verfällt, wie angekündigt. Drückt alle die Daumen, wir freuen uns schon sehr auf Euch. 

Weiter Informationen auf der Seite Cyriakusjagd 2021.

Unser Parcours ist 10 geworden

Am 2. April 2011 wurde unser Parcours eingeweiht. Wir haben klein angefangen und sind ständig gewachsen. Heute stehen an jeder Station Tiergruppen und alle 2 Jahre veranstalten wir die 2tägige Cyriacusjagd mit Mittelaltermarkt.

Die momentanen Umstände lassen eine Geburtstagsfeier leider nicht zu aber für das Cyriakusfest im Juli lassen wir uns was einfallen.

Aus dem Fotoarchiv haben wir ein paar Fotos von der Parcours-Eröffnung zusammengestellt.

Wir sind alle freundliche Leute, überzeugen sie sich selbst.